Seeing red on toilet breaks in Norway

2 Dec

I’m not sure whether to be shocked, to laugh, or feel downright outraged by the news that a company in Norway is forcing its female workers to wear red bracelets when it’s their time of the month.

This ridiculous menstrual rule is apparently because Norwegian bosses are concerned about the amount of productivity that’s lost by employees spending too much time in the bathroom – and the red bracelet would apparently explain why women needed to visit the toilet more often.

Whatever next? A signal to trumpet the arrival of PMT? A flag to announce the onset of ovulation? Pardon me for thinking we were in the 21st Century – not the puritanical 17th Century of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, whose heroine Hester Prynne was forced to wear a huge ‘A’ on her chest (to communicate her alleged adultery to the world).

I’m frankly surprised that Norway, a country renowned for its positive attitude to gender equality, and its much-vaunted progress in promoting women to the Board (the Board composition of publicly quoted companies must be 40% female), should sanction such a demeaning and ludicrous requirement.

This kind of man-made mockery just makes me see red. Period.


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