Keep your eyes on the prize to achieve career goals

29 Dec

Women have to procrastinate less and visualise more if they want to achieve their goals, according to research from US leadership training company Leadership IQ.

It’s the season for New Year resolutions – and for reviewing what went well, and what we achieved over the past year – so, while the research makes gender generalisations, it has offered food for thought in how we will lay out our objectives for the year ahead.

The survey of 4,690 people in Northern America suggests that while women are more emotionally connected to their goals, and set tougher challenges, they tend to lose focus on them.

The leadership firm suggests that visualisation techniques used by athletes can help women pursue and achieve their goals. It suggests drawing goals, creating a vision board, and picturing themselves having crossed the proverbial finishing line . It also advises that accomplishing one thing every day will take women closer to their ultimate goals. This can help create a sense of urgency and focus that keeps them on track. It’s also important to set a deadline – and stick to it.

The research may be playing to gender generalisations about women being multi-taskers and men being focused on one thing at a time – but I think accomplishing one task a day to take you one step closer to your goal is eminently achievable.


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