Vote for your Top 100 Women for 100th International Women’s Day

8 Jan

March 11 is an important day in the calendar for women worldwide, as International Women’s Day celebrates its centenary.

The Guardian has called for votes to help it draw up a list of the most inspirational women in the world today. With an abundance of choice, it stipulates that they should be successful and should have achieved something for other women. Ultimately, they should be inspiring.

It will be hard to pick 100 great women from the thousands of inspiring ones who have accomplished so much – often in small ways rather than through headline-creating endeavours.

However, I personally hope that Margaret Thatcher doesn’t top this poll. She was named the most influential woman in another poll, by YouGov and AOL UK. She may have been the UK’s only female prime minister – but I do question how far she became a role model for women. Of those who responded to the survey, only 2% would want to be her – whereas the woman most respondents would want to swap lives with is Harry Potter author JK Rowling.

What I did find inspiring about this particular poll is that the qualities chosen to describe influential women were: commitment, hard working, and intelligence. Only 2% said that prettiness was important!



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