On European Equal Pay Day, calculate how the gender pay gap affects you

5 Mar

Women working within EU countries (including the UK) have technically been working for free since 1 January, if we take the 17.5% gender pay gap into consideration. That’s why the EU has launched its first ever European Equal Pay Day today (5 March), to spell out in real terms the extra number of days women will have to work to equal the pay of their male colleagues.

EU Justice Commissioner vice-president Reding said: “97 million women have been working since 1 January, but are only really starting to get paid this week. The European Pay Day reminds us of how much work needs to be done to close the gender pay gap.”

The Commission has pledged ‘equal pay for equal work’, and is urging employers to implement non-legislative initiatives to promote gender equality in the workplace, such as equality charters and awards; ways of encouraging pay transparency; and introducing tools to identify gender pay gaps in their organisations.

If you’re curious to find out exactly how you’re affected, use the gender pay gap calculator to work out just how large the gender pay gap is in your organisation. Warning: it might make for uncomfortable reading.


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