Top 50 US companies prepare women for leadership

16 Mar

The National Association for Female Executives in the US has named the top 50 companies for women. Instead of “command-and-control, top-down management approach” favoured by men, the companies in the listing “are advancing women whose personal brands combine acute business acumen with collaboration, listening and people development”. In other words, it is recognising the so-called ‘soft’ skills people skills that help to create and communicate a vision, and motivate employees to deliver it.

Looks like the winning companies are providing a framework for women to advance; helping them prepare for senior positions; and then promoting them into leadership. One scheme that particularly caught my eye was the Women in the Pipeline and at the Top, from American Express, which helps “propel mid-level and senior managers to the highest ranks”. And there is a strong emphasis on sponsoring and support.

So, if encouragement and structure are needed, I wonder if UK companies can be inspired by models of how it can be done.


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