Now Sue Lawley says women can’t have it all

2 Aug

Another day, another opportunity for a senior and high-profile female figure to speak out against women – or so it seems. This time it’s veteran broadcaster Sue Lawley who has said  in a Telegraph interview that women 50-plus who claim ageism when TV channels don’t want them front of camera any more should just accept that they’ve had their moment and then move on.

Following comments from new Dragon Hilary Devey, Lawley agrees that career women can’t have it all – and that women will sacrifice school plays and recorder recitals for the sake of their jobs.

Perhaps it was tougher in Lawley’s day, or perhaps she’s being pragmatic, but I’m sure there’s a balance that women can strike between their home and family life that may involve some sacrifices either side. The point is that they have to be happy with those compromises, and know where their focus and meaning is.

In the meantime, I don’t hear older male broadcasters telling their younger counterparts to ‘get over it’. They’re too busy getting on with it.


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