Why don’t women negotiate better salaries?

12 Aug

Why are women short changing themselves in salary negotiations? They may have their eye on a particular salary prize, but are often content to take less than they originally wanted. An article on the Huffington Post Why Women Are Worth (Less) reflects on another post on the Daily Worth where a young woman accepted less than she wanted – even though she had discovered that her job was worth more. While it’s admirable that she secured a rise during a pay freeze, the outcome still stopped short of her ambitions.

Why do women do this? Because they’re too eager to please, and don’t want to put people’s noses out of joint by asking for what they’re worth. In short, they don’t ask. Perhaps that’s why the gender pay gap is still at 15.5% in the UK for full-time positions. And by not negotiating a first salary, a woman could lose out on about £500,ooo in her working lifetime.

Here’s a related article how women can handle negotiations more effectively: Nine Negotiating Tips for Women


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