Working women foresee glass ceiling still intact in 2020 – but value financial independence

15 Aug

Over half of women (55%) still foresee a significant pay gap by 2020, and 53% believe women will still struggle to secure senior roles, according to a report by The Future Foundation and Friends Life.

The Working Women report says that motherhood and childcare pressures are the key obstacles to women climbing the corporate ladder – and 88% of the women surveyed believed they should be able to work flexibly without a detrimental impact on their career prospects.

Kim Clarke, head of HR atFriends Life, said: “The glass ceiling preventing women from getting to the top is still a long way from being shattered. Flexible working alongside mentoring can help foster a culture of understanding among senior management of the pressures facing women and can ultimately help both women and business prosper.”

However, financial independence is of paramount importance to young, single working women. The report says 45% of young women would be reluctant to make a financial commitment to their partner (for example, in the form of a joint bank account); and 61% of working women under 30 believe that financial independence benefits their relationship.


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