Boardroom equality in Scotland could be a decade away

24 Aug

Two-thirds of senior businesswomen in Scotland say it could be at least 10 years before companies readily accept welcome women to the boardroom.

Despite Lord Davies’ requirement for the boards of public companies to be comprised of 25% women by 2015, 62% of the women who responded to the Women in Business Network survey by legal firm Tods Murray said they believed boardroom change would take at least another 10 years. And a quarter said it would take 20 years or more – suggesting that it’s unlikely that Scottish companies will meet Lord Davies’ deadline (70% believed this). Indeed, only 4% believed the report had made a big difference; 40% said it had  made no difference at all.

The biggest barrier to boardroom equality is being accepted  into male culture (46% said this), followed by lack of encouragement (42%) – suggesting that Scottish companies have a lot of work to do in the area of workplace equality. Six months after the Davies report, only two FTSE 100 Scottish firms – Royal Bank of Scotland and Standard Life – have achieved the 25% target.

Since the Davies report was published six months ago on 24 February, overall 18 women have secured board roles within FTSE companies – 31% of the total number of board appointments.


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