Strong social media presence propels women into Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women list

25 Aug

I find it tremendously uplifting to read about the world’s powerful women and what they’ve achieved, and the Forbes list of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women is no exception.

While the list is full of politicians and business people – topped by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, followed by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – it’s interesting to see British women making it into the list (JK Rowling at 61, for example). I like the Huffington Post’s commentary on the British women listed, and the importance of cultural change at the top to help women progress further to board level.

What has struck me this year, however, is the importance of social media presence in gaining influence across the globe. As the founding editor of, Caroline Howard, explains, it’s not just wealth and position that guarantees a spot in the Top 100 but the number of hits, Twitter followers, Facebook fans and YouTube views.

Caroline says: “Finally, we scored our candidates on their “reach” or the power bases they impact. Do they hold sway over multiple spheres of influence rather than have a single source of authority?” And social media is an effective and increasingly more powerful way of doing so.


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