The professional value of make-up to the working woman

21 Oct

Working women feel more professional when made up. (pic credit: iStockphoto/Multiart)

Maybe it’s the commute to work, the rush to reach your desk on time, or the thought of a meeting first thing, but working women feel they only look their best for just two hours and 22 minutes before reaching for their cosmetic bags and brushes to touch up their hair and make-up.

That’s the main finding from a survey by Imperial Leather SkinKind (so the theme of ‘freshening up’ obviously relates to the brand message here). It shows that women spend 38 minutes getting ready in the morning, and 40% of said they felt “bedraggled” by lunchtime and felt they needed to reapply their make-up to feel in good shape for the rest of the day. Men, in contrast, felt they looked good all day.

However, the need for women to look their best is not just down to vanity. Wearing make-up can make women look more professional and competent, according to another study funded by a cosmetics company.

As reported in the New York Times, a study carried out by an assistant clinical professor of psychology at Harvard University, and paid for by Procter & Gamble, reveals that women wearing make-up that looks professional (as opposed to being bare faced or overly made-up) inspires more trust, respect and confidence from colleagues.


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