Less is more when it comes to make-up at work, say bosses

25 Nov

Dress to impress by all means, but don’t trowel on the make-up if you want to get ahead. At least, that’s the message bosses are giving their female staff via a survey from officebroker.com.

Bright lipstick shades won't impress the boss. (pic credit: istockphoto/olgaecat)











Bright lipstick was the biggest turnoff for a third (32%) of the 500 male and female managers polled. Too much eye make-up was disliked by 28%, while heavily applied blusher got the thumbs down from 15%.

As with anything, I think it’s about getting the balance right. The golden rule that make-up artists have told me is to do lips or eyes; not both. However, go bare faced in the office and you look as though you’re not making the effort: a study from Harvard University says that being made up makes women look more professional. But go overly made-up, and it could be offputting, or give the wrong impression. How you dress should enhance who you are, not get in the way.

In my experience, I wear strong colours when they’re warranted and complement the whole outfit – and each woman can work out which colours work best – but I would usually save the brightest red lipstick for an evening event.


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