Are senior women accepting the inevitability of the ‘blunt instrument’ of boardroom quotas?

24 Feb

Two-thirds of senior female leaders believe compulsory quotes are necessary to achieve targets of 25% female representation by 2015, according to a poll from leadership consultancy White Water Group.

A year on from the Davies report, which set out the 25% target, two-thirds of the women polled – from 30 corporate women’s networks representing 10,000 female employees – had seen no improvement in female advancement in their organisations. 80% believe it will take up to 20 years to reach 30% women on the board, and 20% think it will take longer than that. 66.7% believe that self-regulation is not enough, and that quotas may be necessary.

Averil Leimon, co-founder of White Water Group, said: “The women we spoke to don’t feel that change is going fast enough or far enough. Quotas may be a blunt instrument but they may be inevitable.

“However, we don’t believe that compulsion will be enough to create change and reap the benefits of a more diverse management team. Many women want more visible involvement from men, who will support the business case for more women in senior posts. This means mentoring, coaching, encouraging more female role models ,and improving fairness in working practices.”


2 Responses to “Are senior women accepting the inevitability of the ‘blunt instrument’ of boardroom quotas?”

  1. linguacomms 24/02/2012 at 9:19 am #

    Agree – and quite frankly, even if we did get to 30% in 20 years, chances are that the majority will be non-executive rather than executive board roles.

    So… is this really being taken seriously or are companies simply paying lip service? The FTSE 100 has increased the number of femal board directors to 14%, yet the breakdown is 12% non-executive and 2% non-executive!


  1. Are recruiters key to boardroom diversity? « womaneer - 28/02/2012

    […] quotas are being discussed in terms of a grudging necessity, or a dragging inevitability. A survey from White Water Group revealed that two-thirds of senior women believe that quotas may be the only way to achieve Lord […]

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