Two-thirds of female lawyers say gender holds them back

27 Feb

The proportion of female partners in top European law firms is tiny. (pic credit:

The UK may have the most female partners in Magic Circle law firms across Europe, but progress up the ranks is slow and hampered by gender, according to a survey from international legal recruiter Laurence Simons.

Its research showed that the proportion of female partners was 16% – a tiny percentage – equal with Holland, but far too low when you consider that in China women make up 28% of the senior levels of major law firms. Spain has the smallest percentage of female partners (6.3%), Germany has 9.6%, and France has 13%.

Commenting on the findings that two-thirds of female lawyers believe being a woman holds them back in their legal careers, Lucinda Moule, managing director of Laurence Simons, said  “It’s certainly good news that the UK is leading the way in ensuring gender diversity at the highest level, but ultimately these results demonstrate the desperate need for top-tier firms to make better provision for the promotion of women.

“The fact that European nations are so far behind emerging economies such as China – where 28% of partners are women, despite the population comprising 119 men for every 100 women – demonstrates antiquated promotion practices are entrenched in the developed economies of Europe.”


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