Working mothers believe they’re more creative and better role models for their kids

29 Feb

The majority of working mothers (78%) enjoy their careers, and half believe they’re setting a good example for their children, according to a study of US working mothers by

While they receive support from spouses and family, many (73%) feel there is a lack of childcare benefits from their employers. However, the report doesn’t seem to support the general belief that working mothers just do their hours, pack up and go home. Six in 10 have ambitions to move up in their organisations, and eight in 10 don’t feel they’ve been overlooked for promotion because of a perceived lack of commitment.

In fact, four out of ten working mothers feel that working makes them more creative as a parent; 32% feel they’re more motivated, and 29% feel more productive.

However, this ambition is not matched by childcare provision at work. According to the survey, 39% of mothers had to miss work because of childcare issues.

There’s clearly a disconnect there that’s begging to be resolved.


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