New mentoring scheme aims to boost boardroom presence for women in travel

15 Mar

The Association of Women Travel Executives (AWTE) and Women 1st have teamed up to offer a new mentoring scheme to boost the careers of women working in travel, hospitality and leisure.

With the importance of mentoring and sponsorship cited as a key driver in helping women reach the heights of their organisations, this is an exciting and welcomed step for women in these sectors to focus on their professional development with the guidance of women who have learned lessons on their journeys to the top.

Women 1st has been running a mentoring scheme in the hospitality sector for two and a half years, and now aims, in its initiative with AWTE, to match up mentors and mentees across different levels in the travel and tourism sector. Mentors will help build confidence, skills and self-belief in mentees as they strive to run their own businesses and aim for boardroom roles.

Mentors can sign up to the scheme for free, but mentees’ employers will be required to pay £300. At the launch event, 17 women signed up to be mentors and mentees. AWTE is holding a training session to guide mentors in their roles on 17 May.


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