The Apprentice 2012 – Episode 1: Who’s worthy of their space?

23 Mar

It was the person who filled the space with something creative, worthwhile and profitable who was going to win the first episode of the BBC’s The Apprentice 2012.

For me, the key issue was all about space: giving it, taking it, crowding it – owning it.

The male group gave the space for someone to step forward and take the project manager role (and high-fived the only volunteer, before and after the task. This is because none of the other guys wanted to be project manager in week one.

The female group agreed their Project Manager volunteer straight away, who ended up becoming a receptacle for the failures and disappointments of everyone in her radius.

However, space was up for grabs. Shame that the women – all with awesome CVs and entrepreneurial pedigrees – felt they had to outshout the other.

The moral of my story is: Don’t talk over people if you want to be taken seriously. I felt the pain, and applauded the relief, of the people who took control and said no. If what you have to say is important, then don”t feel you have to slot it into other people’s discourses.

Finally, don’t diss your colleagues on the way up. As we all know, you may need them on the way down

As Lord Sugar says: “Their demeanour can be their demise.”


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