Opportunity Now Awards 2012 celebrate competitive advantage of gender equality

19 Apr

The key message from the Opportunity Awards 2012 was that gender equality is not about ‘tokenism’ but about hiring and nurturing the best talent to promote competitive advantage.

The Awards by Opportunity Now – – the gender quality campaign by Business in the Community – were set up “to recognise private and public sector organisations that have put gender issues at the core of their business agendas and are committed to creating inclusive workplaces for women at all levels”.

The winners this year included:

  • BT for the Transparency Award, for being one of the first to publish its gender metrics.
  • Dell for Agile Organisation, for its ‘Connected Workplace’, allowing 65% of employees to work remotely.
  • Diageo for the Female FTSE Award, because it has 44.4% female board representation.
  • Credit Suisse, for Advancing Women in the Workplace Award for its Mentoring Advisory Group initiative.

Helena Morrissey CBE, CEO of Newton Investment Management and founder of the 30% Club, won the Champion Award.

Opportunity Now chair Alison Platt, CMG, divisional managing director, Europe and North America for Bupa, said: “This agenda is about utilising the best talent to gain competitive advantage; it is not about tokenism. For more than two decades, Opportunity Now has been working with leading businesses that recognise the tangible benefits of a diverse and fully engaged workforce. These employers understand that creating workplaces that work for women is a commercial imperative, not a women’s issue. All the Opportunity Now Awards winners should be commended for the innovative and impactful way they are embedding diversity and equality into their long-term business strategy.”


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