Self-employed women create new breed of ‘everyday entrepreneur’

2 May

Many of the women who run their own businesses – often from home – and support their families often don’t even think of themselves as ‘entrepreneurs’. But a generation of enterprising women are propping up the economy with their passion and their daily dedication to their businesses.

Research carried out by Ipsos-Mori and written by Cass Business School on behalf of Avon – called the Avon Everyday Entrepreneur Report – shows that, contrary to the belief perpetuated by programmes such as Dragon’s Den, women are in business more for flexibility and passion than for money or power. Their businesses typically took little investment to get started, but the women running them are often the main breadwinners in the family.

Two-thirds (68%) of female start-ups are regarded as everyday entrepreneurs, according to the report – and 59% say that flexibility is the main reason they enjoy running their own business.

Report author Julie Logan, Cass Business School Professor of Entrepreneurship, said: “Contrary to the popular view, our findings show that when it comes to female entrepreneurs, they are not powered by ego but by the promise of flexibility, fulfillment and fun. The report explores how young women are more likely to embrace entrepreneurship as a career option and embark on this career trajectory from the outset.”

Here are some more results from the Avon Everyday Entrepreneur Report:


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