‘Positive action’ to encourage more women to become judges

11 May

The Ministry of Justice is removing the obstacles for more women and ethnic minorities to become judges.

Rules will change to allow senior judges to work part time, so they can balance work and family lives. And the appointment process will encourage ‘positive action’. However the Ministry of Justice was keen to specify that this wouldn’t mean that  women and minorities would be given preferential treatment. The talent pool will be widened, and people will still be appointed on merit – however, if two candidates are equal in all other measures, the final selection will be “on the basis of improving diversity”.

Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke, announcing the move, said: “We are lucky in this country that we have the finest judiciary in the world. We intend to build on that: we will continue to recruit the very best judges but at the same time we will do what we can encourage top applicants from a diverse range of backgrounds, so that the judiciary better reflects society.”


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