Number of women in senior technology roles plummets

16 May

The IT sector is losing women from its senior ranks, in spite of the innovation and creativity the female touch is said to bring to technology.

More than half (56%) of US chief information officers (CIOs) in the Harvey Nash/Telecity Group 2012 CIO survey said they were suffering a talent shortage, and 90% were concerned about retaining staff.

When it comes to the lack of female talent, the figures tell the story: just 9% of CIOs are women, down from 11% last year and 12% in 2010. Almost a third of CIOs say they have no women in management within their IT organisations – in spite of the fact that comments in the survey say that “the most important value women add to the IT function is their ability to form good relationships with the business, and almost half say that women bring innovation and creativity to technology”.

“Fewer women are attracted into that space, so you end up creating a self-fulfilling prophecy,” said Anna Frazzetto, senior vice president of international technology solutions at Harvey Nash USA, quoted in a Reuters article. “It’s not a very welcoming arena to be in.”

This article on LifeInc Where are all the powerful female nerds? analyses some of the factors behind why women aren’t attracted to a career in IT – and why they don’t stay.


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