Three-quarters of workers are stressed out by their boss

6 Aug

Bad, incompetent and nasty bosses are the biggest source of stress in the office, according to a leading US psychologist.

As reported in USA Today, psychologist Robert Hogan – addressing the American Psychological Association Annual Conference – said bad bosses are the worst thing 75% of working adults have to deal with in the office. Bad management can lead to stress, misery and time off work for many people – and those who do stand up to their bad bosses are often shown the door. Hogan is quoted as saying a “major cause of stress in modern life is bad management” and that stress has a negative effect on the immune system.

Anyone who has tried to second-guess bosses who keep changing their minds, suffered putdowns in key meetings – or gets blamed for something that hasn’t been done just to save the boss’s skin – will surely recognise Hogan’s point here.

A separate survey recently indicates that workplace stress can make you old before your time, leading to premature grey hair and wrinkles. And it appears that UK employees are among the most stressed in the world.

Looks like bad bosses have a lot to answer for. And their bad management practices need to be tackled. Pronto.


One Response to “Three-quarters of workers are stressed out by their boss”

  1. Conference Coordinator 18/12/2012 at 2:59 pm #

    This is so true! I have recently walked out of a job I was happy in for seven years due to a weak willed and indecisive manager. The stress this caused me was unreal and the frustration in being openly blamed in meetngs for his mistakes became too much in the end. Everyone who manages should read these thoughts and take time out to reflect.

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