Which jobs will give women the most satisfaction in 2013?

27 Dec

Opting for a profession that requires significant amounts of training, intellect and autonomy gives women the highest satisfaction in their careers. That’s according to a report in Forbes, The Best Jobs for Women in 2013, based on findings by Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., author of Best Jobs for the 21st Century.

Women working as doctors, dentists and optometrists have 60% satisfaction levels – as well as a decent salary and good job security. Female psychologists and other health professionals such as dieticians, nurses and pharmacists, are similarly satisfied and remunerated in their jobs. Women in other professional roles, such as management and the law, give high satisfaction levels too.

Reasons for offering attractive career options to women is the significant amount of training and education needed to qualify for these professions, and the ability to exercise professional expertise and levels of autonomy. Importantly, delegating admin tasks to more junior staff frees professional women up to focus on their strengths in fulfilling their roles.

Women also feel happy and satisfied in jobs that are traditionally considered more ‘masculine’ – such as the petroleum and actuarial sectors – which Shatkin puts down to women who “likely have a strong personality fit and talent for the work” choosing those career routes.


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