Women: do different jobs from men if you want equal pay

28 Dec

The more women do the same jobs as men, they more likely they are to earn less money than them, according to a study of 20 countries by the universities of Cambridge and Warwick in the UK and Lakehead in Canada.

The researchers found that if women do different jobs from men – and there are few men found in that particular profession – then women will have a higher chance of earning more money and reaching the top of their trade.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the study found that where there are equal numbers of men and women working in an occupation, “the men dominate the high-paying jobs”.

From the table below, you can see that pay is most equal in Slovenia, Mexico, Brazil, Sweden and Hungary. The survey says that men and women work in different occupations to a greater extent in these countries than in many others during the research. In Japan, the Czech Republic, Austria and Netherlands, the pay gap is higher than average, because in these countries women are more likely to work in the same occupations as men.

Country Difference in pay between sexes (correlated figure, in order) Work segregation

between sexes (correlated figure)

Slovenia –.177 (minus – ie women earn more) .692
Mexico +.011 .717
Hungary +.034 .690
Brazil +.110 .704
South Africa +.120 .641
USA +.207 .667
Sweden +.220 .709
Spain +.334 .725
Finland +.339 .767
Portugal +.359 .724
Denmark +.371 .747
Russia +.374 .707
UK +.388 .677
South Korea +.408 .693
Switzerland +.410 .623
Germany +.420 .700
Netherlands +.430 .633
Austria +.462 .609
Czech +.491 .644
Japan +.519 .655

 Source: The British Sociological Association Media Centre

The researchers say: “Higher overall segregation tends to reduce male advantage and improve the position of women. The greater the degree of overall segregation, the less the possibility exists for discrimination against women and so there is more scope for women to develop progressive careers.”


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