Sex and Power 2013 report shows lack of women at the top

25 Feb

Sex-Power-coverA new report from the Counting Women In shows just how few women there are in the UK’s top political and public sector roles.

The Sex and Power 2013: Who Runs Britain? report says Britain is “falling down the global league tables when it comes to women’s access to power and representation in politics”. In 2001 we were ranked 33 out of 190 countries, but by the end of 2012 we had fallen to 60th place.

The report reveals the lack of women in key roles in the public sector and finance. Women make up just:

  • 22.5% of MPs
  • 17.4% of the Cabinet
  • 13.3% of elected mayors
  • 14.6% of police and crime commissioners
  • 11.1% of UK bank chief executives

The report makes a series of recommendations, including increasing the number of women candidates put forward for election, encouraging more women to speak on the platforms of major events, and for public recruitment processes to be more closely monitored for diversity.

The report concludes: “The lack of diversity in public life weakens democracy and public confidence in it. Women make a positive difference to actual decision-making itself. A more diverse body politic with a wider spread of expertise and reflecting the life experience of both halves of the human race would be better placed to lead us through the complex times that face us. Real, committed and targeted action is required. Failure to do so means the UK will continue to drift.”

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