Feminism has failed working women, says IPPR report

1 Apr

The average woman is still earning less than men and doing more housework than her partner: evidence that decades of feminism have let women down. That’s according to a report by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) in The Guardian.

The study says there has been too much focus on getting gender parity in the top roles rather than helping working-class women manage their lives and progress their careers. The focus on breaking the glass ceiling is a ‘decoy effect’, The Guardian reports.

The IPPR t says that there is still not a family-friendly culture in most workplaces, childcare is not accessible or affordable enough, and more part-time roles need to be made available.

The majority of women (77%) say they do more housework than their husbands. Just one in ten (10%) married men do an equal amount of housework, and 13% say they do more than their wives.

Dalia Ben-Galim, associate director of the IPPR, says: “While feminism has delivered for some professional women, other women have been left behind. Many of the advances for women at the top have masked inequality at the bottom.”


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