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Strong social media presence propels women into Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women list

25 Aug

I find it tremendously uplifting to read about the world’s powerful women and what they’ve achieved, and the Forbes list of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women is no exception.

While the list is full of politicians and business people – topped by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, followed by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – it’s interesting to see British women making it into the list (JK Rowling at 61, for example). I like the Huffington Post’s commentary on the British women listed, and the importance of cultural change at the top to help women progress further to board level.

What has struck me this year, however, is the importance of social media presence in gaining influence across the globe. As the founding editor of ForbesWoman.com, Caroline Howard, explains, it’s not just wealth and position that guarantees a spot in the Top 100 but the number of hits, Twitter followers, Facebook fans and YouTube views.

Caroline says: “Finally, we scored our candidates on their “reach” or the power bases they impact. Do they hold sway over multiple spheres of influence rather than have a single source of authority?” And social media is an effective and increasingly more powerful way of doing so.


Royal Navy appoints first woman warship commander

10 Aug

This is a woman making headway and headlines in a man’s world: Lieutenant Commander Sarah West has been appointed the first woman to command a warship in the Royal Navy’s 500-year history.

She will take command of the frigate HMS Portland in 2012, and was reportedly given the promotion for her “leadership, confidence, moral courage, sound judgement and excellent people skills”.

This is no mean feat, given that the Royal Navy only allowed women to go to sea in 1990 – and is evidence that even a male-dominated environment can recognise and reward opportunity for all.

With such a role model to emulate, perhaps little girls will have more ambitious dreams than just having their heart set on becoming princesses.

Women 1st Shine awards winners

3 Apr

The Women 1st Shine Awards gave Teletext Holidays managing director Victoria Sanders the title of Woman of the Year. The  Outstanding Entrepreneur award went to Jillian MacLean,managing director of Drake & Morgan; Rising Star was Xoe Donovan, general manager, The Longford House Beefeater and Cannock South Premier Inn; Mentor of the Year was Lou Willcock, founding director of IndiCater; and Lifetime Achievement went to Robyn Jones OBE, chief executive of CH&RCo. The Small Business Award went to Abode Hotels, while Sodexo UK & Ireland won the Large Business Award.

Take a look at the Top 100 List of the most influential women in hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism. It is splendid to see so many accomplished women, many of whom are strong female role models, being rewarded in a sector that has a high female presence – but generally not at the senior end.

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